Earth Day


A reduced ecological footprint

Educate your employees about recyclable orphan materials and create a healthy and environmentally responsible work environment.

Simplified logistics

Take advantage of simple and complete care: MultiRecycle handles bin delivery and collection, as well as the transportation of the recyclable materials to the right sectors.

Save money and space

Save big by freeing up your residual waste space with a single supplier. Get complete service while taking advantage of the best rates.

One step towards corporate certification

The recovery certificate that will be issued to you can be used as evidence to earn various environmental certifications and awards for environmental stewardship.


1. Order

Fill out the order form for boxes and containers that you received via email. There, you’ll be able to indicate the necessary number of containers, according to your needs.

2. Receive

The containers you ordered will be delivered and installed in the place that you chose on the week of April 9th. This is the perfect time to educate your people about this collection.

3. Recover

During the week leading up to Earth Day, your employees, tenants, or students will be able to fill up your bins by following the descriptions of what is accepted in each container.

4. Inform

The kit contains an information document and four awareness posters about the recycling of these materials. You will be able to hang them up in your facilities to educate your employees about your initiative.

5. The collection

Your equipment will be picked up during the weeks of April 23rd and 30th. These materials will then be recycled as part of Quebec’s recovery programs, thanks to our various partners.

6. The report

You will receive the recovery report for your organization for Earth Day as well as a general report sent in the newsletter.

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Old, obsolete electronics

Screens, computers, cell phones, and printers are among the accepted equipment


This includes, among other things, alkaline batteries, lithium-ion batteries, and small lead-acid batteries

Out-of-order fluorescent tubes and bulbs

Collect your mercury bulbs, your compact fluorescent bulbs, and all bulbs with the Hg symbol


We recycle primers, latex and industrial paints, solvents, thinners, etc.

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Earth Day

Celebrated in Quebec since 1995, Earth Day raises awareness and provides tools to individuals and businesses to help them reduce their ecological footprint. From bringing people together to the fight against food waste, various activities are organized around the world to protect and celebrate the planet.


Founded in 1994, MultiRecycle specializes in the recovery of recyclable orphan materials and offers a range of services tailored to the needs of the Quebec sector. MultiRecycle recovers nearly fifty types of products and transports them to certified processing centers.

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