MultiRecycle – Sort at the source!

MultiRecycle is a 100% Quebec based company that was founded in 1994 by Robert Gagné.

Over the years, we have taken our place in the world of recycling in Quebec. MultiRecycle started with the recycling of computers and then other items were added. Today, based on the principle of sorting at the source, it’s a company that offers a turnkey service of management and recycling of rare materials.

Our mission

To be the experts in implementing source separation of recyclable materials for the industrial, commercial and institutional sectors in the greater Montreal area.

MultiRecycle societal objective 

To reduce the ecological footprint of our clients for future generations.

Our clients

At MultiRecycle, we consider the customer to be part of our great team. For an effective recycling program and successful projects, we work closely with our customers. 

Successful recycling companies today; whether it’s industrial waste collection, hazardous waste management, paint can recycling or medical equipment recycling; are those that combine these two aspects: 

  • A management that provides a clear vision of source separation with a turnkey solution of their rare materials. 
  • Employees who collaborate in doing the right thing for the success of their recycling project.

Of course, some employees are more willing to change, others more reluctant, and some will never be convinced. But every employee is valuable, if we demonstrate the importance of sorting at the source and support them with the right tools, like our all-in-one solutions.

Our expertise:

  • Competence in the transportation of hazardous materials.
  • Implementation of source separation to reduce your ecological footprint.
  • Issuance of recycling certificates, annual balance sheets and traceability reports.

How can our expertise help you?

  • Obtain your environmental certifications and accreditations such as BOMA, LEED, Ici On Recycle, etc.
  • Be a better corporate citizen by increasing the amount of products diverted from landfill.
  • To keep your premises clean.

MultiRecycle is committed to respecting the highest standards of its industry. 

  • MultiRecycle has a $5,000,000.00 public and environmental liability insurance.
  • The company respects the CNESST standards and is part of a mutual prevention that pushes us to respect the highest standards of the industry in terms of health and safety of workers.
  • Our employees have Simdut training for the handling of hazardous materials and have the necessary permits for the transportation of hazardous materials (TMD).
  • We are audited by Complyworks and Contractor Check.
  • MultiRecycle’s shredding service is recognized by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Public Works and Government Services Canada, and the Canadian Industrial Security Bureau.
  • We have all the necessary permits and authorizations for our activities. You can refer to the Ministère de l’Environnement et de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques #7610-06-01-07833-01.

MultiRecycle is above all:

Trained, flexible and efficient, offering peace of mind to our customers.

The only one to offer such a wide range of services and always looking for new ideas.

Dedicated to the environmental cause and to listening to our clients.

Robert Gagné

President and head of operations

Always looking for new recycling solutions, Robert is the idea factory behind MultiRecycle’s services.

Anick Leblanc

Director of Sales and Marketing

Anick is our chameleon, able to adapt to any situation, she is the perfect person to help you find the right solution to your challenge.


B2B Consultant

Specialized in business to business, Patrick is well positioned to understand your reality. His analytical skills allow him to clearly identify your challenges and the solutions to be developed with you.

Ève Gamache

Customer Service

Always listening and in solution mode, Ève offers outstanding customer service.

Blessila Lictag

Accounting technician

Bless is much more than our accounting technician. In addition to responding quickly to your billing questions, Bless has an uncommon ability to react to emergency situations in all areas of the company.

Cynthia Boudreau

Process and Continuous Improvement Manager

Cynthia is very organized and detail oriented, which makes her the perfect person to ensure that our processes are respected, as efficiently as possible.


Senior Driver

Mario is one of our most experienced drivers. You can rest assured that he will always make sure that the work is executed according to the rules of the art.


Senior Driver

Working for MultiRecycle since 2012, Gerald is known for his hard work with our customers. Bring on the furniture!


Lead Sorter

Phillip has almost as much experience as he has for conversation. After Robert, Phil is the longest serving employee at MultiRecycle, so he knows about sorting.