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Trademark Protection

MultiRecycle can shred your products associated with your trademark.

What we shred:

  • Advertising posters
  • Promotional items
  • Returned shipments
  • Discontinued and end-of-line items or products
  • Intellectual property

Data Destruction

Does your company have sensitive data that is considered “high risk” by the public services of Canada? Are you looking for a secure way of disposing of this sensitive data?

In this field, risks associated to human error are enormous. Studies show that human error is the primary cause of catastrophes related to leaks in confidential and secret information.

We can shred:

  • Hard drives
  • USB keys
  • Back-up tapes
  • Cell phones
  • CD / DVD

The advantages of our shredding service

Our mobile shredding service solutions eliminate risks since your sensitive data items are shredded on site, right in front you.

The cost of our service represents only a fraction of the salary of a specialized software technician hired to manually format your hard drives.

We are the only company in Canada that exceeds the Canadian military agencies’ requirements to shred items. These requirements are stated in official documentation from the Government of Canada (ITSG-07).

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