Destruction of promotional material

Protect your brand image and recycle your promotional materials responsibly.

Don’t take any chances that your promotional material will be reused in an inappropriate way.

Our service guarantees that your items and logos will be disposed of safely and recycled responsibly.

If you answer yes to any of these three questions, this service is for you!

  • Are you in the process of re-branding and have outdated equipment?
  • Do you have merchandise returns that you want to get rid of?
  • Do you have an accumulation of uniforms in your warehouses that are no longer in use?
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For each of these scenarios, MultiRecycle is able to responsibly meet your needs by destroying these products.

What we destroy:

  • Election signs
  • Advertising posters
  • Promotional items
  • POS (point of sale advertising)
  • Return of goods
  • Remaining production, end of line
  • Prototypes and samples
  • Uniforms of any kind
  • All intellectual property
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