Neons and light bulbs

Were you aware that many of your neon lights and light bulbs are classified as hazardous materials in Quebec?

In fact, neon lights as well as many types of light bulbs contain mercury, a material that is harmful to human health and the environment.

By adopting the MultiRecycle solution, RecycFluo’s drop-off location, you ensure that your neon lights and bulbs are recycled responsibly and in accordance with the highest industry standards.

The Recycfluo program

RecycFluo is Quebec’s recycling program for light bulbs and fluorescent tubes containing mercury in Quebec. More than 800 deposit points are thus available across the Province. A pick-up service is also possible.

Example of recycling offered:

  • Neon recycling (all sizes)
  • Compact fluorescent bulb recycling
  • High intensity discharge (HID) lamp recycling
  • Halogen bulb recycling
  • LED bulb recycling
  • Recycling of ballasts and fixtures
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