Personal protective equipment

In order to respond to the new problems caused by the waste of PPE (personal protective equipment) brought on by COVID-19, MultiRecycle with its partners, has developed a solution for the recovery of masks to allow companies to protect themselves without polluting.

PPE taken in charge:

  • Procedural masks
  • Latex gloves
  • Visors

The service includes:

  • PPE recycling box, read more
  • Delivery
  • Return of the material
  • Processing fees

To help us estimate the quantity of boxes needed

Send us the number of users in the building, the number of floors and the number of exit doors. The service can be adapted to your needs.


Order your mask box

In order to provide an affordable and environmentally friendly service, MultiRecycle has opted for the energy recovery of the fabric with the recycling of metals.

MultiRecycle transports the masks to Covanta's transfer center in Chambly. Covanta is the largest energy recovery company in the world. The masks are burned. The incinerated fiber becomes clean renewable energy, which is steam that will be used to generate electricity. Residues such as ferrous metals, aluminum and copper are recovered to close the loop. For more information, watch the video.

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