MultiRecycle is doing its part for Earth Day!

Did you know that April 22nd is Earth Day? It is an international environmental celebration created in 1970.

Today, more than one billion people in 193 countries take action each year on this day. Over the years, it has become the most important environmental participatory movement on the planet.

In Quebec, Earth Day has been celebrated since 1995 by organizing all kinds of activities to raise awareness of environmental issues. With its ability to mobilize shareholders, Earth Day has continued to grow, developing many action programs, whether on April 22 or every day.

So, at MultiRecycle, we wanted to take the plunge by offering all our customers the chance to save money while participating in this event.

During the first week of April, we invite you to place your order and we will provide you with awareness materials free of charge.

The following week, we will deliver the recycling containers.

During the week of April 22, participants contribute to the overall effort of the Earth Day movement.

Then our team collects the containers and recycles them.

We will put forward this gesture with all our customers in order to help reduce their ecological footprint for future generations but also to respond to the new problems caused by the waste of personal protective equipment brought on by COVID-19.

Protecting yourself without polluting

Indeed, we have developed with our partners, a solution to enhance masks in order to allow institutions to protect themselves without polluting, objective compatible with the mission of the organization of Earth Day: to accompany people and organizations to reduce their impact on the environment.

In any case, MultiRecycle sends used masks to the Covanta transfer center in Chambly. Covanta is the world’s largest energy recovery company. 

The cremated fiber becomes energy, i.e., steam, that will be used to generate electricity. Residue such as ferrous metals, aluminum and copper are recovered to complete the loop. 

We support equipment such as procedural masks, latex gloves and visors. This equipment is deposited in special boxes that we provide to companies and organizations.

We ensure the delivery and return of the so-called boxes once filled.

To estimate the number of boxes needed we usually need the number of users of the company or organization, the number of floors as well as the number of exit doors. The service can be modulated according to the specific needs of each customer.

In addition to the enhancement of personal protective equipment (PPE), MultiRecycle offers companies other recycling and waste recovery services such as Ecocollect and urgent collection.

The importance of sorting at the source

We also help companies and organizations establish recovery systems within their businesses for rare materials, in other words, a material (or product) that should not go to a landfill, or in a regular recycling bin.

So we help them set up Mini Eco-centers.

It is a system of sorting at source; collection, recycling and traceability adapted to the rare materials they generate.

Installing a Mini Eco-center includes collection containers for all your materials, signage, a user guide to educate your employees, and an annual review of what you’ve generated in recycling.

Sometimes companies lack space to install a Mini Eco-center. No problem! We also offer visually appealing multi-material bins to recycle electronic equipment, neons, light bulbs and batteries.

The practice of sorting at the source of rare materials is becoming more and more important in companies and organizations.

If you have any questions or comments or would like to share your collection and recycling experiences with us, write to us. We love to share!