Privacy Policy

Bill 25
September 20, 2023 – Over the past few weeks, we’ve been reviewing our privacy practices. The objective? To ensure that the personal information we collect is handled with the utmost transparency, while complying with the new regulations soon to come into force (Bill 25).

As a result of this process, our Privacy Policy has been enhanced and updated, and we have appointed Benjamin Brossaud as our Privacy Officer. He can be reached at the following address:

Protecting confidentiality and privacy is important to MultiRecycle. In this document, MultiRecycle divulges their practices relative to the information in their Website, including the type of information Exo wants to gather, and the way it gathers it.


You may choose to divulge to MultiRecycle personal information in various situations. For example, you may decide to provide MultiRecycle with information such as your name, address, and e-mail, which is important to have if we want to communicate. In order to protect the privacy of our clients, all information that we gather is subject to strict security standards and procedures.

Subsequently, if you indicate that you don’t want MultiRecycle to use the information we have to communicate with you, MultiRecycle will respect that request.


The information that we gather is used to enhance the content of our Website and can be used to contact you by e-mail in order to provide you with information that we deem interesting for you. The information you provide us will never be sold, rented, or leased to any third party.


You may access you personal information at anytime by contacting us. If you have any questions about our privacy protection policies, or our information protection policies, do not hesitate to contact us.