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Our recycling approach for companies: sorting at the source!

MultiRecycle offers turnkey recycling solutions to institutions, service companies, building managers, and industries, including the manufacturing sector. But also, collection solutions for more than 40 types of materials.

Since 1994, MultiRecycle has developed its expertise with our recycling partners by carrying out more than 1,000 projects for our clients.

Whether it is for the collection of hazardous waste, paint, recyclable materials such as industrial products, medical equipment or simply furniture, our clients want us to explain the laws and regulations to which they are subject.

They want a quick turnaround on their project and a quality of execution that respects Transport Canada regulations. They also want a realistic cost estimate.

At MultiRecycle, as a buyer, this is what we value from our suppliers who do things the right way.

You all know that when a project is negotiated at a low cost, the supplier is obligated to avoid technical complications and cut corners.

This way of managing a project is not in our values and business practices.

Sorting at the source

Our 7 steps to set up our mini eco-center in your company:

recycling approach

The advantages of turnkey service.

Increase the space available for your operations by reducing the space covered by your bulky items.
Increase your recycling performance.
No management is required on your part, you simply put the materials in the identified bins. We take care of the rest.

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