Recycling of various industrial waste

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Sort at the source! Our turnkey solution for safe and responsible recycling.

The most common requests from MultiRecycle industrial customers

  • Installation and management of “Mini Eco-centers”.
  • Implementation of an industrial waste recycling program.
  • Regulatory collection of hazardous materials.
  • Complete management of a redevelopment or relocation project for premises and warehouses.
  • Equipment dismantling, collection, recycling and traceability.

Our recycling approach for businesses

Doing business with MultiRecycle allows our industrial customers to:

  • Implement business practices that comply with the laws and regulations of Transport Canada, MELCC and CNESST.
  • Respond to the demands of their environmental audits thanks to our recycling certificates and our annual reports.
  • Transforming space that was used to accumulate products into available space to improve their services.

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