Institutional clients

Sort at the source! Our turnkey recycling solution for institutions, including federal, provincial, municipal, health care, school, prison, etc.

 The top 3 of your services: Annual reports, bins and speed of collection. 
Luc St-Germain, Deputy Director of Operations, 2000 Peel

The most common requests our institutional clientele, which are

  • The establishment and management of “ecocollection” is particularly popular among schools and government agencies that operate multiple establishments.
  • Establishment and management of “Mini Eco-centers”.
  • Data destruction.
  • Complete management of a redevelopment or relocation project for premises and warehouses.
  • Dismantling of equipment, collection, recycling and traceability.
  • Regulatory collection of hazardous materials.

Our approach to corporate recycling

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Doing business with MultiRecycle allows our institutional clients to

  • Facilitate the achievement of waste reduction goals of various levels of government.
  • Transform space that was used to accumulate products into space available to improve customer service.

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