URGENT pick-up

Urgent or punctual collection of residual materials for institutions, buildings, businesses and industries, especially those in the manufacturing sector.

Collection of hazardous industrial waste, or simply furniture?
You have an environmental audit, CNESST, fire prevention, etc.?
Do you need to vacate a space quickly?

In short, it is urgent to act?

Whether it’s for a hazardous waste collection, an industrial waste collection, a furniture collection or for medical equipment.

Whether it’s at the delivery dock or on the 30th floor, kill two birds with one stone with our emergency collection service!

Not only will we get rid of your products quickly, but we will do so responsibly by redirecting your products to recyclers and providing you with a recycling certificate.

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Would you like to reduce your ecological footprint?

Here are some simple and useful solutions to help you:
How to sort at the source? Download the document “7 steps to reduce your ecological footprint”.
Setting up a multi-material bin? To learn more, click here

The benefits you will gain:
Be credible with your stakeholders.
Contribute to reducing your ecological footprint without any initial investment.
Mobilize your employees towards a common goal.

Opting for source separation allows you to meet two important values for your employees:
Working for an employer who cares about managing the health of the premises.
Working for an employer who contributes to reducing their ecological footprint for future generations.

This in turn mobilizes employees to practice source separation.

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