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Who Are We?

First and foremost, MultiRecycle is a team who is:

PROFESSIONAL –  Trained, flexible and efficient. Offering peace of mind to our customers
INNOVATIVE – SThe only one who offers a wide range of services and who is always looking for new ideas
AUTHENTIC – Dedicated to the environmental cause and our customer’s needs

A team that proposes a global solution for the management of recyclable matter by offering:

  • A pickup service and advice to optimize the management of your recyclable materials.
  • An efficient, flexible, and simple process in all the services we offer.
  • A certified service of traceability for your matter.

Our Mission

MultiRecycle is an eco-friendly company whose expertise lies in the efficient management of recyclable matter. It offers a range of thorough services its customers need allowing them to become better corporate citizens and to reduce their environmental footprint.

Distinguishing Factors

  • The diversity of services offered: The only ones on the market to offer a pickup service for so many different materials, who will pick up these materials at your offices, and who will provide material to raise awareness.
  • Proof of recycling: We provide a certificate that confirms that the material has been recycled
  • Simplicity: A simple process, starting with your request to the final stage of recycling.

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