Just like MultiRecycle, do your part for Earth Day!

March 5, 2021

Did you know that April 22, 2021 is Earth Day? 

Earth Day is an international environmental celebration created in 1970. This year, at MultiRecycle, we have chosen to get involved by putting forward the sorting at the source because, it is an eco-responsible gesture.

We are therefore promoting this gesture to all our clients (e.g.: schools, businesses or institutions) in order to contribute to reducing their ecological footprint for future generations.

Would you like to make a concrete gesture that day?

Here are three ways to do the right thing and do it properly for the health of our planet:

1- If you generate rare materials, a concrete action can mean resorting to source separation.

Some rare materials are particularly harmful and can harm the environment and the health of your employees in the long term. Opt for source separation so that everyone can work safely.

2- If you have to recover individual equipment during a pandemic.

In order to respond to the new problems caused by the waste of PPE (personal protective equipment) brought on by COVID-19, MultiRecycle with its partners, has developed a solution for the recovery of masks to allow companies to protect themselves without polluting. PPE taken in charge: procedure masks, latex gloves and visors.

3- If you need urgent collection of hazardous industrial waste.

In addition to getting rid of your products quickly, we will do so responsibly by redirecting your products to recyclers and providing you with a recycling certificate. To request a quote, click HERE.

On behalf of all our employees, I wish you and your staff a wonderful Earth Day!

Robert Gagné, President

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